Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

At Tiny Teeth, we want your child’s experience to be a positive one. We believe in using the best technology available to provide quality treatment while keeping your child comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Anya proudly offers dental treatment using a soft tissue laser that will allow her to complete your child’s treatment with more precision and often without the need for an injection! These dental lasers are used for a wide range of treatment options including frenectomies, gum tissue recontouring, treating canker sores, and even helping guide the eruption of impacted teeth.

Benefits of soft tissue laser dental treatment

There are several great benefits to using laser dentistry in your child’s treatment. Here are some of the reasons that we offer this great treatment option:

No Shots! Many of the procedures that Dr. Anya will complete with the soft tissue laser will not require a local anesthetic. This means no needles for your child to fear! The injection to start most dental treatment is what many children fear the most. We are able to skip this entirely and focus on completing your child’s treatment safely, and keeping them relaxed and comfortable.

More Precise! Dr. Anya has the highest standards when it comes to your child’s care. She has chosen to utilize soft tissue lasers because they allow her to address the specific areas of concern in your child’s mouth, while leaving as much healthy gum and soft tissue.

Less Healing Time! We understand that the sooner your child can heal from their treatment, the sooner they go back to their normal routine. Treatment with a soft tissue laser will heal faster than the traditional methods. Because of the precise nature of the laser, your child will normally only experience minimal bleeding during and after the treatment, and will be far more comfortable throughout.